GUYS THIS IS IMPORTANT SHIT. Have you ever not been able to watch something because you’re not in the U.S.?? WELL. With Hola Unblocker, an extension on Google Chrome, you can now have access to America-Only Youtube videos, hulu, Pandora and more! If you encounter a blocked video on some random site, you just click the icon in your toolbar, and it’ll switch your IP location so you can see it.Totally free, and doesn’t slow down your connection at all. 

Download Here [x]

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    If you live in America, you can use this very same extension to watch BBC One! Aka, you can livestream the new Doctor...
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    seems interesting , will try it out
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    does it work the other way too? i.e. in the u.s. but a vid isn’t viewable in your country? O.o
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    A hundred times, a thousand times, yes!! Thank you!!
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